Class 9 MCQ Test Questions Based

Science Biology Combined Paper

Chapter – Tissues and The Fundamental Unit of Life

Why do we fall in

Science Physics Combined Paper

Chapter – Motion and Force and Law of Motion

Gravitation MCQ Test

Work Energy and Power

Science Chemistry Combined Paper

Chapter – Matter in Our Surroundings, Is Matter Around Us Pure

Chapter 1 Matter in our Surroundings

Chapter 2 Is Matter Around as Pure

Atoms and Molecule

Social Science Geography Combined Paper

Chapter – India, Size and Location and Physical Features of India

Chapter 4 – Climate

Social Science Economics Combined Paper

Chapter – The Story of Village Palampur and People as Resource

Social Science History Combined Paper

Chapter- The French Revolution

Social Science History Combined Paper

Chapter- What is democracy and Why democracy & Constitutional Design

Maths Combined Paper

Chapter Probability , Polynomials , Construction

Chapter – Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Heron’s Formula

Chapter – Triangles, Line and Angles

Quadrilateral Chapter – 8

Area of Parallelogram and Triangle Chapter – 9

Circles Chapter – 10