Extra Questions For Class 10 History

Extra Questions For Class-10 History Chapter Wise as it constitutes a crucial sub-subject of Social Studies. So scoring marks in History is as important as scoring in other subjects. In CBSE Class 10, History is about nationalism and industrialism and past events which have impacted society. History which will help Class 10 students to score well in their examination.

Our study materials as per the latest CBSE syllabus. Students who have referred to our study resources are able to clear their concepts and learn easily. Along with the study materials. You can now score more marks in CBSE Class 10 History by thoroughly practising with our revision notes and sure shot questions.

Extra Questions For Class-10 History Chapter Wise is the best book to clearly understand the concepts and facts involved in the subject. This book explains all the important past events related to nationalism and industrialisation in the simplest language that stimulates interest in students.

We have provided here the NCERT Class 10 History Book in both English and Hindi languages.  The syllabus followed by NCERT plays a vital role in preparing the student for their further education as it gently grazes through all essential topics that may become relevant in the student’s future career of interest.

Extra Questions For Class 10 History

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe – Chapter 1

PDF also available – Download Link

Chapter 2 – The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Chapter 3 – Nationalism in India

PDF also available – Download Link

Chapter 4 – The Making of Global World

Chapter 5 – The Age of Industrialisation

Chapter 6 – Work, Life, and Leisure

Chapter 7 – Print Culture and Modern world

Chapter 8 – Novels, Society and History